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Local students and adults increasingly pursue learning and career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM). A growing number of engaging and valuable opportunities in STEAM exist right here in Northwest Montana, and the STEAM Alliance connects these opportunities to various stakeholders in order to grow a thriving STEAM ecosystem.

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What’s with the “A”?

We are the STEAM Alliance, but sometimes we just say STEM. What’s up with that? 

While we don’t formally promote programming that is exclusively of the Arts, we do recognize the natural and necessary contribution of creative skills to all STEM fields. 

We ask the question: How do we best prepare our young people for 21st century citizenship?

We need innovators, entrepreneurs and inventors! We see an opportunity to infuse STEM with the Arts so learning and production can happen at and because of their intersection. Creative and artistic strategies can spark a transformation in STEM education. It is our goal to make STEM opportunities more accessible and less intimidating, to invite creative minds to explore their potential in STEM and to cultivate critical thinkers, ready to make their mark. 

Great innovators from Leonardo DaVinci to Steve Jobs learned, thrived and produced at the intersection of art, science, engineering, math and technology. Great teams in today’s thriving industries are comprised of diverse skill sets. Their aggregate creativity and mastery makes invaluable improvements to our world. 

Believe us! There is a place for you in STEAM. 
Innovators UNITE!

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